Being cheating on is a painful experience. These tips will help you survive the event and come through feeling better on the other side. Click Here To See Article On

How to Beat Being Cheated

There are few things more devastating in a relationship than discovering that your boyfriend has cheated on you. It doesn’t matter whether the relationship is months old or years old, that breach of trust can destroy your self-esteem and leave you wondering what to do next. If you’ve recently been cheated on, or even if you just suspect your man of cheating, here are some tips to help you deal with this painful situation (or prepare for the eventual fallout).

Step 1: Take some time!

The very first thing that you have to do when you hear the bad news is take some time to yourself to process everything. Emotions will be running high, and it’s easy to make a decision that you may find yourself regretting later when you’re under that kind of stress. If your boyfriend presses the issue, just tell him that you can’t talk to him until you’ve cooled off. If he’s respectful, he’ll back off – and if he’s not, then that should only make your next decision that much easier.

Step 2: Is he worth it?

A cheating boyfriend doesn’t have to mean the end of the line. Some men are compulsive cheaters who will break your heart again and again, but sometimes people just make stupid mistakes that they regret. There are a lot of things that can lead a person to cheat, whether it is that they are feeling neglected in the relationship or that they just got too drunk. While these things aren’t legitimate excuses, they are factors worth considering when trying to decide if the relationship is worth salvaging. Forgiving a one-time mistake may be worth it, but don’t bother asking yourself this question is this is the second or third time that a guy has cheated…

Step 3: Get to the Bottom of It

Building off of the last step, if you do decide to try and work through this situation, then you’ve got to get to the bottom of why he cheated. Only then  can you really make a final decision about what to do. It can be painful, but you have to talk to him about what caused him to cheat. Perhaps he’s not satisfied with the amount of intimacy in your relationship, in which case you have to decide if you’re willing to work more passion into things. It’s perfectly okay if you decide that’s not something you want to do – sexual compatibility is very important in any relationship, and if one partner’s sex drive is way higher than the others it can be very hard to make things work.

Of course, there are potentially dozens of different reasons for a guy to cheat. Once you’ve found the underlying reason, you have to decide whether it’s a problem worth fixing… or if you should just kick him to the curb

Online Dating: Getting Started

Become a Modern Woman. Start Online Dating Now.

It seems that nowadays everyone is trying online dating. If you haven’t already started, it may seem a bit strange to you. Going online to view profiles is definitely a far cry from meeting cute guys at the malt shop like the good ol’ days.
However, if you haven’t tried it, now is the time to start. It is a great way to meet men that you otherwise may never have crossed paths with.
Here are a few tips to get you up and online dating now:

1. Choose the Right Site

There are many dating websites out there to choose from. Some you have to pay for and some are free. If you’re serious about finding a relationship, you will have better luck on a site that you pay for. People who pay for the site are serious about meeting the right person and are not just looking for a one-night stand.

2. Always Post a Photo

Your chances of meeting someone are far higher if they can see a few photos of you. Don’t choose photos where your face is covered by sunglasses or a hat. Don’t try to be overly sexy. Simple photos of your smile work best.

3. Write a Telling Description

Give a detailed but brief account of yourself to give the people looking at your profile an idea of the real you. Avoid the clichés (I like long walks on the beach) and be honest. If you are having trouble writing about yourself, ask you friends for some help. They probably know what you’re like better than you do! Be informative, but keep it fairly short. Give them just enough to peak their interest and start a conversation with you!

4. Give Them a Chance

It is easy to glance over someone’s profile and dismiss them immediately. Maybe they’re an inch shorter than you would like, or they have a stupid quote in their introduction. Don’t make these the reasons that you pass them up. If they are polite when they message you, message them back. They may turn out to have some amazing characteristics once you get to know them.

5. Meet. Sooner than Later

If you click with someone who lives nearby, don’t spend 4 months talking over email. Set up a person-to-person meeting at a coffee shop or ice cream parlor and see if you get along in person.

Jealous Boyfriend? Make him feel Secure.

Make your jealous boyfriend feel secure.

Most people have come across a jealous boyfriend. Sometimes he can tell you why he is jealous – because of a bad relationship in the past, or perhaps his parents always lied to him, etc. Whatever the reason is, if you love him, you need to help him work through this.
If he continues to be jealous, it may begin to erode the relationship. If you have a jealous boyfriend, here are some things you can do to ease his jealousy and help him realize that you only want him:

Include Him

If you have male friends, your jealous boyfriend will definitely feel uneasy. Invite him to dinner with your male friends. Write emails between all of you. Show him that he has nothing to worry about. He has no need to be jealous.

Be Conscious of your Body Language

Because your boyfriend is already prone to being jealous, be very careful of how you carry yourself when out in public, and at parties, etc. You may be a natural flirt, or very friendly in the check-out line. These are things that may set his alarm bells off. I’m not saying be rude, but tone it down a little for his sake.

Tell Him Why You Chose Him

When your boyfriend is jealous, it essentially means that somewhere inside him he gets a feeling that you will be more interested in someone else. Namely, whoever he is jealous of at the moment. To help ease his concerns, write him a note with all the reasons that you chose him over anyone else. Let him know the special qualities you love about him that nobody else holds. It will help boost his confidence, and when he does get jealous, remind him of one of the points in the note with a cute smile and squeeze on his leg.

Show Affection

Sometimes all it takes is a George Clooney look-a-like to walk into the party, and your man’s jealousy sirens are going off. He’s feeling insecure, and hopes you haven’t seen him. When this gorgeous guy comes around, especially if he is talking to you, make a point to show a bit of physical contact with your man. Be sure to introduce him, and then place your hand on his leg, or lean into him for a cuddle. This will help to reassure your man he’s the only one you want.

NEED to get married? You might be scaring him away!

Don’t Scare off Mr. Right by being too eager to Marry.

As women get older, we often feel pressure from friends, family, and society to get married, have kids, etc., etc., etc. Sometimes the pressure can also come from within. As women we also have an internal clock that tells us time is ticking away, and to hurry up if we want to have kids someday.
Although we may be out there trying to find Mr. Right, he just doesn’t seem to be around. Perhaps you find a few decent men, but the relationships seem to fizzle out quickly. One reason your relationships might not be lasting, is because you are too focused on finding Mr. Right.
If you are too eager to get married, you may be sending out signals that scare away men. Here are some tips on what might be standing in your way of finding Mr. Right when you are too eager to get married:

1. Rushing the Relationship

When you are eager to get married, you might find yourself rushing into things with your new man. Relationships take time to evolve, and if you’re talking about moving in together after just a couple weeks of dating, you’re sure to scare off any man.

2. Trying to Change Him

All too often when you’re in rush to get married, you will try to convince yourself that any man you’re dating at the time is “Mr. Right”. By not waiting for the real Mr. Right, you are settling for someone who is not your best match. Because of this, you will try to start changing him in the early stages of the relationship. No man likes to be told how to act, dress, behave and you will surely drive him away.

3. Becoming Dependent

Because you are so focused on being a new couple and succeeding you may begin to depend on him for things that you would normally do yourself. Before he came along you would have no problem changing the light bulbs or hanging a picture. Now that he’s here you don’t even want to take out the garbage because that’s a ‘man’s job’ and you “need” him to do it. While I’m sure he won’t mind helping you out with some things, asking too much in an early relationship will drive him crazy.
Just remember, that as much as you want to get married – you want to get married to the right man. Don’t rush, and don’t settle. Mr. Right will come along.

Is he Cheating? Catch him in the Act

Catch Your Man Cheating. It’s Easier Than you Think.

Do you think your man is cheating on you? Wish you had the funds (and guts) to hire a private investigator? You don’t need to waste your money on that. There are many other ways that you can catch your man cheating. Follow these tips to catch your man cheating on you:

1. Cell Phone Bill

Reading his cell phone bill is a sure fire way to get some evidence. Most cell phone bills list every call made and received. If you notice another number showing up a bit too frequently, it may be the other woman. Try to remember the last time he popped out to the store – did he call that number then? If you are pretty sure it’s another woman, call the number and see who it is – just be prepared with a story if you accidentally call his boss at home.

2. Set a Trap

Most men will stray when they know you are definitely not around. (I.e. on a business trip or a camping weekend with the girls). Tell him you’re leaving town, pack your bags, but don’t go any further than your girlfriend’s house up the street. Ask your girlfriend to come along, and play private detective for the weekend. See where he goes, or if he has anyone over.

3. Digital Recorder

You can buy a voice-activated digital recorder for a pretty cheap price at any big electronics store. Most of them have over 500 hours of recordable time. Hide the recorder under his seat in the car, or his office if you can, and you will have everything he says on tape. You may catch him making plans over the phone, or better yet – catch them talking together.

4. Keystroke Logger

These are also available at most electronics stores. You can install them on his computer and it will log everything he types – including his passwords. Once you have his passwords, you have access to all communication he does online.

5. Credit Card Bills

Credit card bills and ATM slips can also offer good evidence. Is he suddenly taking out more money than usual? Was he supposed to be working late the night that you see a credit card charge at a nice restaurant downtown? Keeping track of where he claims he is going and checking it against his credit card bill will help you catch your man cheating on you.

But It’s Expected That I Cheat

Everyone Cheats Then – Don’t They?

There are many clichés about when cheating is cheating – and when cheating is just…? Help me out here.  If it’s not cheating, I’m not sure what it is.  If couples don’t clearly define what cheating is to them, there may be some grey areas.  Some people feel that in the following circumstances cheating isn’t really cheating – and it’s almost expected.  You may agree or disagree, but here is what I think:

  • The Revenge F%$@

This is a common excuse.  Your partner cheated on you.  You stayed together, and now the opportunity arises for you to sleep with someone.  You don’t necessarily think it’s right, but you can’t help think “He slept with someone – why can’t I?”  While I can see how this might make you feel better in the moment – when will it stop?  If your partner has cheated on you and you have given him another chance, you should be working on rebuilding the relationship – not ‘getting even’ by sleeping with other people.  Next thing you know he’ll be out there getting even with you for this one.  It’s a vicious circle.


  • They’ll Never Know

You meet a guy at the bar one night who is on holiday.  He leaves tomorrow to go back to Greece, and he is dead sexy and asking you back to his hotel room.  He’s on a flight tomorrow morning, so there is no way your man would ever find out – so it’s okay, right?  Think what you like, but no matter how you sugar coat it – you’re still sleeping with another man – whether he knows or not.

  • I Was on Vacation

Part of traveling is experiencing the people too, right?  Of course – but you don’t necessarily have to experience how the local people have sex.  If the roles were reversed, and you were at home while he was on vacation – would you be okay with him ‘experiencing the locals’?


  • Girls Night Out!

A night out with the girls can often get wild – especially if your friends are all single.  It’s easy to get caught up in the flirtatious vibe of the night clubs when you’re out with your gal pals.  Light flirting is usually okay – depending how far you let it go.  Let him buy you a drink.  Let him tell you you’re beautiful.  But if you can’t go home and tell your boyfriend about it – it might be cheating.