Is he Cheating? Catch him in the Act

Catch Your Man Cheating. It’s Easier Than you Think.

Do you think your man is cheating on you? Wish you had the funds (and guts) to hire a private investigator? You don’t need to waste your money on that. There are many other ways that you can catch your man cheating. Follow these tips to catch your man cheating on you:

1. Cell Phone Bill

Reading his cell phone bill is a sure fire way to get some evidence. Most cell phone bills list every call made and received. If you notice another number showing up a bit too frequently, it may be the other woman. Try to remember the last time he popped out to the store – did he call that number then? If you are pretty sure it’s another woman, call the number and see who it is – just be prepared with a story if you accidentally call his boss at home.

2. Set a Trap

Most men will stray when they know you are definitely not around. (I.e. on a business trip or a camping weekend with the girls). Tell him you’re leaving town, pack your bags, but don’t go any further than your girlfriend’s house up the street. Ask your girlfriend to come along, and play private detective for the weekend. See where he goes, or if he has anyone over.

3. Digital Recorder

You can buy a voice-activated digital recorder for a pretty cheap price at any big electronics store. Most of them have over 500 hours of recordable time. Hide the recorder under his seat in the car, or his office if you can, and you will have everything he says on tape. You may catch him making plans over the phone, or better yet – catch them talking together.

4. Keystroke Logger

These are also available at most electronics stores. You can install them on his computer and it will log everything he types – including his passwords. Once you have his passwords, you have access to all communication he does online.

5. Credit Card Bills

Credit card bills and ATM slips can also offer good evidence. Is he suddenly taking out more money than usual? Was he supposed to be working late the night that you see a credit card charge at a nice restaurant downtown? Keeping track of where he claims he is going and checking it against his credit card bill will help you catch your man cheating on you.